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Hello Star,

Thank you so much for sending the reading through, and what an absolutely fantastic reading it is!! There is so much amazing detail! I havent had a proper chance to sit down in a quiet spot and read through it undisturbed as yet, but I plan to do so today...

Thank you so very much once again for what you have done (and that wonderful spell too!) I am really grateful for your help and guidance and I will indeed be keeping this in a safe place with many re-reads over the coming months and years. And I most certainly will remember you when I am telling my life stories in years to come, with great fondness for the lovely assistance you gave me at just the right time!

With all very best and warmest wishes to you Star.



Thank you so much Star I am so happy you have made me feel really balanced after your reading I now know which direction to take I have had many readings this year but yours was the one that made the most sense .



Just to let you know... I got my BFP this morning! 

Thank you so much for reading for me :)



Hi Star !!

Thanks again for the reading on MSN last was amazing!!  Like being face to face.

Very best wishes,

Love, Amanda x


hi star, wow that reading was really good, summed up my past very well many, many, many thanks mark xx 


Hello psychicstar

Thankyou for my reading this is the first reading i have ever had one and i must say i was very moved by some of things you said.

I will remember my reading with good feelings.

Many thanks Diana


Hi Psychic Star,

Thanks for the reading, very, very accurate!  Dead right about my kids including my little boys personality :o) and about my course (just started the second year of a degree in nutrition and health!) and very strangely my house backs onto a massive park which is obviously the open space you saw! 

Thanks again Emily



Thanks very much for reading. It is very clear you know what you are doing so many things make sense.

Warmest regards and thanks



Dear Psychic Star,

I would like to thank you for your warm and detailed reading for me. I have had 2 other readings from other online psychics and i must say your reading has been the most heart felt.

Kind Regards Paula


Good Afternoon, Star!

Thank you again for another lovely & enlightening reading.  You clearly really care about the folks you talk to and I truly appreciate it. Love and light Julie


Hi Star

Just to let you know, I did a pregnancy test this morning & it was positive :-).
Kind Regards



Just that little information really hit home, and the hanged man is the PERFECT card for my life at the moment. And I will definitely be purchasing a more detailed reading from you. I am interested in what you would see in the upcoming months for me as a lot of changes will be happening (good I feel though)! Thanks so much! Ja-Nell


That is a beautiful reading, thank you, and makes a lot of sense to me. Your reading has given me hope

Blessed be!



Hi Star

Wow..How much thankful I’m for you!! Appreciate! Lots of beautiful things you said, that’s amazing...Definitely I will keep this reading and others from you.

Would be nice to keep in touch, Blessings xxx


Hi Star. Thank you for the lovely reading once again. A lot made sense, Thank you again Star..I think the name is perfect for you!.

Sending lots of love and blessings..God bless,

Love Amanda.xxxxxxxx


Hi Star

Thanks for the makes alot of sense and is very interesting! Your a gifted lady !!
Will be back later in the year for a reading!
Take care and thank you for your time
Bev xx


Thank you once again! Your readings make me feel good and also your past prediction came true about my employment. I got the job! I have faith in this reading! I will always be a repeating client :)



Wow! Truly accurate! Every other psychic I asked always said I will meet someone in September, but you added a lot more detail than everyone of them! Very well worth the 1 day wait and more than what I have asked! Thank you very much and I will definitely be back for your 6 or 12 month reading as promised!



Many thanks for the time and energy you have put into this Star – much appreciated




I just want to a big thank you for picking up on the fact that me and #### arnt together but are if that makes sense - we are separated but we keep getting pulled back together.
Once again thank you as no one has ever picked up on that. Rachel x


Hello Psychic Star!
Many thanks indeed for your reading! I know that we all want readings and predictions etc to be positive and we tend to only want to see or hear what we want and ignore the negative things - and I am no different! - but I was pleasantly surprised and joyful at your reading for me which showed a lot of positive tendencies for me in the coming future.
As usual you seem to know me and you have a very accurate empathy with me which I find is rare. 
Thank you again Star for keeping in touch and in being so kind and helpful. You are a real gem.

Much blessings to you,

Clive x x


Just to thank you very much for all your time and effort on my behalf. I do appreciate that a lot must be involved for you to do all this and it must be very draining.

I have not had chance to study it all in detail yet but initially I see several things ringing true. you truly are a Star.

Regards Linda


Thank you so much for you guidance and your truly enlightening reading.

I do appreciate your help and talent.

love and kind thoughts



Thank you so much for the reading. You are spot on on everything - you are right Thank you,

I will contact you again,



Thanks so much for your reading…it was good to read and so true to our circumstances at the moment.  



Dear Psychic Star, 
I will definitely stay in touch with you, my whole outlook changed the visualization we done together on Msn for me you are a born healer as well as your other gifts may the divine continue too work with and through you always light blessings , Emma x


Thank you so much, 

Reading is great but the response is so fast, you are amazing:) Adam xx


Hi :)

Thank you for your reading, it was absolutely fantastic and by far the best reading I purchased and I did purchase a few. You were very accurate and I really look forward to seeing if what you say comes true. I will of course leave you excellent feedback. Thank you ever so much, it was absolutely great!!!




hi star, thanks for great in-depth reading your reading has been very helpful bless you julie x


Many thanks for my lovely reading.  I came back to you as I think you are a wonderful reader, its amazing how my six month reading you did for me has been very accurate so far, After the new year I will probably be in touch for you to do me another 6 month read or even 12 month if ok.

Thanks again Star really appreciate it.
Love Hayley xxxxx


Hi Star,

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading!  I really, really appreciate how much time and effort you put in to doing this for me.  It must have taken you ages!

I have been feeling a bit down recently, and your reading made me realise that it is probably just a bit of winter blues.  Thinking about the summer and long, warm nights made me feel so much better  :)

I am sure I will look back over your reading many times over the coming year, so thank you for giving me plenty to look forward to!

With huge thanks and best wishes,



Dear Star,

Thank you so very much for your very fast and accurate response. All that you picked up on is how it has been for me and I do hope the future is brighter. Thank you once more for your help and advice Kindest regards and the all the best,


Hi Star, God bless you I felt so good over the weekend after speaking too you are a real natural healer

Lots of light blessings



Thank you my dear that is very reassuring. It has been a very stressful time for me Thank you for being there and reading for me again. 

Bless you a million times for your gift and using it for me!

Will be sure to be back!

Kindest wishes to you


Hi Star

Many thanks for my reading it is much appreciated.

My last two cards are lovely so whatever happens all will be good hopefully for me! Thanks again Star for all your help and guidance.

Love Hayley xxxxx


Thank you so much for my spell cast, I feel more confident now and a lot happier in myself. I will truly recommend you to my friends.
Love Sharon xxx


Wow what can i say, i loved the reading it has really made me feel good.  Love Steve x


Thanks for an amazing reading; I really am quite shocked by all I have read! But in a good way and relieved. I certainly will be in touch with you again over the next few months, to let you know how things go & more than likely for a another reading. 

Thank you so much for all your help. Take Care

Sam x


Thank you so much for my reading! I am delighted with your prediction you made my day! Very best wishes! Alison J


Thank you so much Star,

you have been a Godsend Love and blessings to you Debra xx


What a lovely, optimistic reading.  
Thank you once again for giving me hope, where before there was none.
My kindest regards,
Chris xx


Hi Star,
Thanks so very much for an amazing reading last night,
I will go and leave you great feedback on e -bay but also wanted to e mail and say a huge thanks too.
Take care


I really enjoyed my reading, so thank you. You were spot on with many things :)

kind regards



That was a great reading thanks it really lifted my spirits thanks again Georgia


Hi Star, many thanks for my reading which I found very specific and accurate to my present situation, it has given me a great deal of comfort.

Many thanks. Take care, Paul


hello psychic star, thank you sooo much for my reading, it was lovely. your a very genuine and caring reader, we need more of you out there. you’ve picked up on everything thanks again psychic star, n yes, you are a star!! u take care della x


Thank you so much for my reading you are spot on .and me and my friend was only saying today that someone’s with my daughter at the mo . i have already recommended you yo my friend .so you will hear from he over the next couple ov days. thanks again hun take care bexx


Hi there

Thank you so much for my reading. You have been spot on with everything.I really appreciate your time.





Thank you for your beautiful reading! It is so accurate and very enlightening...i would love for you to read for me again as i feel you are definitely gifted.

Kind regards

Joanna xxx

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