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A Psychic Conception Pregnancy and Gender Reading

A Psychic Conception Pregnancy and Gender Reading

After being asked by past clients for an insight into when I see them conceiving a child I am now able to offer this very special reading , I will meditate around you using my Psychic and Clairvoyant gift to help show you the dates I feel that you are most likely to conceive your child .
With this reading I fully understand the need for wanting to know this information as I myself was not blessed with having children , I will not pass on information that I do not see and I will not give false hope  I will be sensitive to your reasons and needs for wanting this reading .

This reading is for one conception and gender prediction I do offer a more in-depth reading that shows all children I see on your future pathway and characteristics of each child shown.

I will also include with your reading recommendations of crystals that I feel you may benefit from that can aid you with relaxation and wellbeing.

I am a caring none Judgmental reader that hopes to help you in some small way through your journey in this life.


I will need to know if you are trying to conceive at this time and the number of children you may already have - I ask for these details so that your reading is clearer and is not confused with children already born. yOU MAY INCLUDE ANYTHING ELSE YOU FEEL RELEVANT TO YOUR READING. if no details are sent a free spirit reading will be given.



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