Gender Prediction

Gender Prediction

This reading is gender prediction for the child you are pregnant with at this time.

With this reading you will recieve the gender I am being shown along with the day of birth and weight this reading is a short reading .

I do offer a more in-depth reading that shows characteristics of your child along with recommendations of crystals that I feel you may benefit from most crystals can aid you with relaxation and wellbeing.

I am a caring none Judgmental reader that hopes to help you in some small way through your journey in this life.

I will need to know how many weeks you are pregnant and the number of children you may already have - I ask for these details so that your reading is clearer and is not confused with children already born.

I will email you upon purchase for details that are needed for your reading and will then email you when your reading is ready for downloading, with this method you are then able to keep a record of any future readings you may purchase.

please do not purchase this reading if you are not already pregnant.

How do I receive my reading?

  • Email & Download - I will email you when your reading is ready for downloading. You will find a copy of all your readings I have done for you by logging into your account and clicking on 'VIEW THE ORDERS I HAVE MADE' in your account page. Next click the 'VIEW' button next to the relevant order and your download will be available via a link at the bottom of the page.
  • Gift Package - if you chose the gift package option I will also send you a printed version to the delivery address supplied when you created the order.



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